1. Can I participate if I am a man?
Any entrepreneur, male or female, who is using technology to impact women positively: • Are a significant proportion of end-users female? • Are products specifically designed with women users in mind? • Does the product itself address a problem that disproportionately affects women?
Frequently Asked Questions
2. If my entrepreneurial project is not based on the Internet, can I participate? What is considered as technology?

We are looking for new technology for various industries, not only wireless applications. Entrepreneurs from Agri Tech, AI, B2B solutions, Big Data, E-commerce, Clean Energy, Fin Tech, Edu Tech, IOT, Med Tech are very welcomed to participate. Technology refers to the use of science and innovation to invent useful things or to solve problems. This extends beyond new forms of digital and information technology and covers everything from hardware to the creation of new products, solutions and business models to existing problems.

3.  If I am not selected, will I receive feedback?

Unfortunately, due to the limitation of our capability, we will not be able to provide specific feedback to applicants who have not been selected.

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